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Our company, Pampa Bay was created in the heart of the Pampas grain belt, in Argentina. The Pampa region is peppered with Finger Lakes creating a spectacular landscape of different shades of green from the farms surrounded by the crystal blue water from the bay lake. There is a big window in the designer’s studio, where you can enjoy this breath taking view, which is consider one of the most ... Read more about Pampa Bay »

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Pampa Bay Porcelain At Glassworks! Glassworks has added Pampa Bay to our roster of suppliers with their complete stock on our website! Designed in the Argentinian Pampas region, Pampa Bay offers irresistibly vibrant designs, reflecting their elegant yet adventurous culture. Their exclusive Titanium Porcelain hasthe look of metal - but the versatility of stoneware! Dishwasher safe, tarnish free and stain resistant, and oven-safe to 350 degrees.You won't believe it's not metal!Stop in either Glassworks location to see selected pieces.Glassworks and Cheeks offer free gift wrapping!

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