William Yeoward Fern Fern Tulip Vase 6" in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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William Yeoward ~ Fern ~ Fern Tulip Vase 6"

$270.00 Fern Tulip Vase 6"

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Designer: Collection: William Yeoward Fern »
SKU: GWS-WY_802833

Features: Fern is a pattern from the mid to late 19th century when botanical designs were very popular. In the Great Houses of England landowners were competing with each other to grow and propagate plants from cuttings brought back from exploration in exotic places. With beautifully cut fronds the Fern pattern has the widest range of stemware, barware and gift items in the Collection. This small vase is a lovely example of the Fern design with delicate cutting, and makes a perfect gift.

Color : Clear.
Material : Handmade Crystal.
Dimensions : 6" / 15cm.

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