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16 Collections 114 Products
Athena Platinum collection with 9 products
Athena Platinum 9 products    
Constance collection with 1 products
Constance 1 product    
Cristal collection with 11 products
Cristal 11 products    
Ecume Gold collection with 1 products
Ecume Gold 1 product    
Ecume Platinum collection with 3 products
Ecume Platinum 3 products    
Ecume White collection with 14 products
Ecume White 14 products    
Eden Turquoise collection with 6 products
Eden Turquoise 6 products    
Elysee collection with 2 products
Elysee 2 products    
Feuille d'or collection with 1 products
Feuille d'or 1 product    
Jardin Indien collection with 3 products
Jardin Indien 3 products    
Louvre collection with 35 products
Louvre 35 products    
Milo collection with 9 products
Milo 9 products    
Naxos collection with 5 products
Naxos 5 products    
Organza collection with 12 products
Organza 12 products    
Sauvage collection with 1 products
Sauvage 1 product    
Bernardaud china embodies one of the most innovative spirits among French luxury tableware brands. Bernardaud tableware patterns utilize delicate colors and patterns in combination with trendsetting design, making Bernardaud china a match for classic and contemporary settings alike.

The tradition of excellence of Bernardaud stems from over 100 years of production in Limoges, France. The innovative design of Bernardaud plates and tableware will bring artistry to your table.