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Glassworks offers modern and classic gifts for every occasion, with emphasis on tabletop items. Cheeks is a lingerie & sleepwear boutique located on the 2nd floor of Glassworks. Call for info on starting a Wedding Registry or Corporate Gifts order.

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Chuck at Glassworks and Cheeks
September 16, 2021
New from MacKenzie-Childs and in-stock at Glassworks is the Painted Garden Ceramics Collection. The pretty blooms and stripes on the exclusive, limited edition pattern add a playful spirit to your dining table. Turn over each handmade, hand-painted piece to see the marks of the artisans who created it.
Stop in at the Shadyside store to see the entire line of this collector's edition, only available for a limited time.
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Chuck at Glassworks and Cheeks
September 9, 2021
Image for Chalk 21020
Juliska brand logo
Featured Products From Post:
Click here to shop for Juliska Forest Walk items on this website.
As we start to transition to Fall, deep earth toned colors inspired by Mother Nature's bounty come to the front of our palettes. Many even love using branches, foliage, feathers, and seasonal vegetation to decorate tables. Adorned with illustrations of found treasures from the forest floor, Juliska's Forest Walk Collection is inspired by these colors to bring an Autumnal feast indoors....Read more of post

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Chuck at Glassworks and Cheeks
September 2, 2021
Click here to shop for Vietri Fauna on our Glassworks website.

Dinnertime freshness, handsponged (a painting technique) in Umbria, Italy. The pictured Fauna Flora Assorted Salad Plates outline the delicate simplicity of nature’s greenery to depict what is commonly found during the hunt (la caccia) in Umbria. Made of Dishwasher and Microwave safe Terra Bianca. Terra Bianca is a type of Italian clay known as the perfect canvas when it comes to pottery, as it makes...Read more of post

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Chuck at Glassworks and Cheeks
August 26, 2021
Image for Chalk 20988
Juliska brand logo
Featured Products From Post:
Is it time for a celebratory champagne? Raise a Juliska champagne glass and toast to better, bubbly days ahead!
Click here to shop for Juliska Champagne items on this website.
Pictured is the Heritage Collectors Set of Flutes. For when nothing but the best will do, this set of four champagne flutes features a different signature motif for each hand-blown piece of ethereal glass to create a set that is as beautiful, unique, and harmonious. Makes a perfect gift for ...Read more of post

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Chuck at Glassworks and Cheeks
August 19, 2021
Image for Chalk 20968
Born and manufactured in Los Angeles, Red Haute Clothing embodies the California lifestyle. With designs that are relaxed and effortless, the collections provide a rich mix of essential pieces, soft luxury fabrics, and contemporary detailing. Red Haute clothing blends comfort and fashion with a fit that makes women feel sexy and self-assured in any setting. 
Stop in at either Cheeks to see the wide neck tops and pants in the pictured set, also available in blue.&...Read more of post

Red   Haute
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Chuck at Glassworks and Cheeks
August 12, 2021
 With 13 bold & beautiful color options, its sleek portable design, and cordless convenience, the Zafferano Polidina Pro lamp is perfect for almost any space, indoors or outdoors (powder-coated finishes). Charging the Poldina Pro is as simple as placing it on its pad when not in use, then enjoy 9+ hours of cordless illumination. The fully charged lamp may remain on the charging cradle without damaging the battery. A 2.2w/188 lumens/...Read more of post

Image of flower bouquet

September 15, 2021


Laura and Parker just opened a wedding registry with us. We look forward to serving them in their special journey together.

Message our wedding specialists for tips and suggestions or call: 1-412-682-5443
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Wendy at Mottahedeh
September 15, 2021
Yes, our trays are not historic, but the story of the Sandwich is.  The sandwich has come a long way from a hunk of beef and cheese between bread.
“The sandwich as we know it was popularized in England in 1762 by John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich. Legend has it, and most food historians agree, that Montagu had a substantial gambling problem that led him to spend hours on end at the card table. During a particularly long binge, he asked the house cook to ...Read more of post

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Jason Solarek picture
September 16, 2021 • 10:23 AM
Jason at Bridge:
Yum 🥪
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September 5, 2021

Lauren & Alex recently celebrated a 1st anniversary ~ Congratulations!

Planning a wedding? Open a wedding registry with us. It's free.
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September 3, 2021

Marla & Matthew recently celebrated a 4th anniversary ~ Congratulations!

Planning a wedding? Open a wedding registry with us. It's free.

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