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Glassworks offers modern and classic gifts for every occasion, with emphasis on tabletop items. Cheeks is a lingerie & sleepwear boutique located on the 2nd floor of Glassworks. Call for info on starting a Wedding Registry or Corporate Gifts order.

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Chuck at Glassworks and Cheeks 4:48 PM • January 13, 2022
Viva by Vietri brand logo
Featured Products From Post:
 Inspired by a well-traveled lifestyle, liven up your everyday dinner parties with the playful designs of the Santorini Collection. Recreate the beautiful mosaic tiles found in the Greek Isles with dishwasher and microwave safe ceramic. Viva by Vietri is Vietri's tabletop line for casual entertaining. Glassworks in Shadyside just received a big shipment of Santorini. Stop in to see the variety of pieces! 

Click here to shop for Santorini on this website.Read more of post

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Chuck at Glassworks and Cheeks 5:34 PM • January 6, 2022
If Santa missed the pj's on your list... Wide open spaces are calling! Wrap yourself in a 100% cotton flannel, roomy fit PJ set with this beautiful toile-inspired savanna safari print. Cuff is embroidered with 'Go Wild' and the set comes wrapped in a matching flannel headband. Stop at either Cheeks to see our selection of warm PJ's!
Click here to see store info on our Cheeks website.
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Chuck at Glassworks and Cheeks 5:33 PM • December 30, 2021
Light Up Your New Year With Onno Candles From Glassworks!

Happy New Year From Glassworks and Cheeks!
Introducing the handcrafted and nature inspired designs of ONNO Candles. Featuring the warm light of sophisticated, luxurious scents that infuse your home with an inviting, intriguing scent. Once you are used to ONNO's refined scents and designs, your home won’t feel like home without an ONNO Collection. The Terre Collection is pictured but Glassworks has ...Read more of post

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Chuck at Glassworks and Cheeks 5:39 PM • December 23, 2021
Glassworks and Cheeks will be open Christmas Eve for last minute gift shopping and holiday decorating. Pictured are the Juliska Stockings, new for 2021. These heirloom pieces are waiting to take part in your treasured Holiday traditions.
Stop in either location to finish your shopping!
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Chuck at Glassworks and Cheeks 6:09 PM • December 16, 2021
Glassworks has lots of choices for chocolate gifts and stocking stuffers! We have various sizes and collections by Toffee Taboo and Tabbara Chocolates to choose from. Enjoy these on your own holiday table with friends and family or give as gifts.
Pictured: The Toffee Taboo Christmas tree is 24 ounces of the finest Dark Belgian or Milk Chocolate studded with toffee encrusted almonds and cashews, and drizzled with ribbons of White Belgian Chocolate. Tabbara Chocolates'...Read more of post

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Chuck at Glassworks and Cheeks 4:19 PM • December 9, 2021
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Chuck at Glassworks and Cheeks 4:19 PM • December 9, 2021
VIETRI’s signature holiday collection is created from maestro artisan Alessandro Taddei’s childhood memories of stories his mother used to read to him about Babbo Natale, Italy’s Santa Claus. Alessandro relays the stories through his whimsical designs, providing us a glimpse into Old St. Nick’s daily adventures leading up to preparations for each holiday season. Stop at our Shadyside store to see the collection!
Click here to shop for Vietri Old ...Read more of post

January 10, 2022

A Customer Shared a Five-Star Review:

"Beautiful and unique gifts! Website is so easy to use! Definitely recommend."
~Michelle Sherwin in Colorado
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January 6, 2022

Amelia & Conrad recently celebrated a 4th anniversary ~ Congratulations!

Planning a wedding? Open a wedding registry with us. It's free.
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Annamarie Hall at Olivia Riegel 5:33 PM • January 5, 2022
Silver finished pewter, adorned with hand-set clear European crystals. Tarnish resistant. Set of 4 napkin rings presented in signature luxury gift box.  Choose from 5 new designs:
  • Isadora
  • Fleur de Lis
  • Twig
  • Bow
  • Ribbon

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