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Glassworks offers modern and classic gifts for every occasion, with emphasis on tabletop items. Cheeks is a lingerie & sleepwear boutique located on the 2nd floor of Glassworks. Call for info on starting a Wedding Registry or Corporate Gifts order.

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Chuck at Glassworks and Cheeks
July 29, 2021
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Brand new for your Fall and late Summer wardrobe, check out the P.J. Salvage Cloudy Days collection at Cheeks. Reminiscent of the sky on a partly cloudy day, the pattern is white and shades of blue that PJS calls "Denim". Pictured are the henley top and the pant, but shorts, a tank, and a robe are also available. As is the norm for P.J. Salvage, the pieces are very soft, cozy, and comfy. Stop at either Cheeks to get yours! 

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pajamas   PJs   Cloudy   Days
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Chuck at Glassworks and Cheeks
July 22, 2021
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Glassworks and Cheeks offer some of the best deals of the year at the Shadyside Sidewalk Sale on Wednesday, July 28th to Sunday, August 1st. The event is to be held along Walnut St. during normal business hours.
Local businesses will participate and retailers will offer sales of up to 70% off! Savvy shoppers have flocked to the sale for more than 30 years. FREE 2 hour parking on residential ...Read more of post

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Chuck at Glassworks and Cheeks
July 15, 2021
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You'll be happy as a clam using MacKenzie-Childs Cookware and Serveware for your next gathering. Pictured are the Courtly Check: Enamel Baking Pan, Enamel 7 Qt. Stockpot, and the Enamel 2.5 Qt. Saucepan. Stop at either store location to see our MacKenzie-Childs selection. 

Click here to shop for MacKenzie-Childs Kitchenware on our Glassworks website.

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Jason Solarek picture
July 16, 2021 • 09:16 AM
Jason at Bridge:
Neato :)
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Chuck at Glassworks and Cheeks
July 8, 2021
Click here to shop for Baobob Ravinstara Candles on this website.

Crocheted by hand by craftswomen in a Malagasy women’s cooperative in Madagascar, this Baobob collection will enchant your interiors with an air of vacation. Natural leaf motifs are embroidered with colored raffia threads, derived from the native Raffia tree. This 6th edition marks a creative turning point with a new technique using a figurative drawing embroidered on raffia. Ravinstara, ...Read more of post

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Chuck at Glassworks and Cheeks
July 1, 2021
Bring the warmth of a Tuscan summer home to your July 4th picnic table with the rustic sophistication of Vietri's Lastra Poppy Collection. Use these handcarved and handpainted pieces to create a dimensional tablescape. Stop in at the Shadyside store to see the various items in this pattern and to mix and match with other Vietri patterns.
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Vietri   Lastra   Poppy   Collection
Jason Solarek picture
July 2, 2021 • 11:03 AM
Jason at Bridge:
nice summer plates!
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Chuck at Glassworks and Cheeks
June 24, 2021
A traditional school of fish was the original inspiration for Vietri's Pesci Colorati collection. The Figural Fish Platter, pictured along with the "tail" of a serving bowl and salad plates, brings Pesci Colorati to life with layers of handpainted color. The maestro artisans also handcrafted the fish figure, using dishwasher safe Terra Bianca. Stop in at the Shadyside store to see our selection of pieces from this collection.

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Ali & Ben recently celebrated a 3rd anniversary ~ Congratulations!

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Pampa Bay
August 3, 2021
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